Further Gratitude

We were honored to present the first ever licensed production of SHINING LIVES: A MUSICAL by Jessica Thebus and Andre Pluess. We were pleased that we could share the story of these brave women and bring their names and stories to light again. May they never be forgotten.

Our production was a success due in great part to so many people and so with much gratitude, we would like to thank:
Aragon Wine Market
Coastal Art Center of Orange Beach
CMQ Contractors
Nicole Dickson
Escape Zone 60
First City Art Center
Asher Garcia
Joshua Heming
Gordon and Irene Kellogg
Edgar Martinez
Pensacola Little Theatre
Pensacola Opera Center
Remember When Sweet Shop
Ross, Rhonda, and Arianna Robins
Scott, Barbara, Gordie, and Annalisa Smith
Stacy Stieffel
Triggers Seafood Restaurant
University of West Florida Center for Fine and Performing Arts
Warrington Jewelers
And last, but far from least (!), our wonderful cast and crew: Tom Baroco, Chantelle Cognevich, Marshall Corzette, Unissa Cruse-Ferguson, Jennifer Cullen, Jesse Draughon, Harper Garcia, Christine Kellogg, Brittney Lester, Denley Messery, and Josh Thomas

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