The People


Christine Kellogg: Artistic Director

Christine is a professional director/choreographer. She began her career as a performer on stage, tv, and film before moving into directing/choreographing. Between professional engagements around the country, Christine is excited to now be working with members of the Pensacola community. ( Р

Judy Uchida: Treasurer

Judy Uchida is a happily retired, new Pensacola resident. A former educator, accountant, business manager, and freelance demo artist/instructor for art supply companies, she is an ardent supporter of volunteerism. –

Harper Garcia: Secretary

Harper is a professional performer and who has worked in various ballets, plays, and musicals around the country. She has taught at various dance studios in both Florida and Maryland. Harper has a BA in Criminology and has also worked as an investigator in Washington DC. She brings her passion and knowledge of the theatre; her creativity; her enthusiasm; and her business skills to PenArts, Inc. –


Tom Baroco: Music Director –

Gabby Long: Youth Outreach Programs –

Klarissa Moore: Youth Outreach Programs –

K. April Soroko: Creative Consultant Board Member

Irene Kellogg: Member at Large

Unissa Cruse-Ferguson: Member at Large

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