SWAN Day Pensacola

Due to the recent COVID-19 regulations, we will be holding a VIRTUAL SWAN DAY PENSACOLA! Please, check out Facebook SWAN Day Pensacola to see the creativity of local female artists!

SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day is a global celebration of female artists. It is a day when women all over the world have a chance to celebrate and end Women’s History Month on a powerful note. Pensacola’s SWAN Day is hosted by PenArts Inc. We are looking forward to SWAN Day Pensacola 2020!

SWAN Day is about women supporting women, about artists supporting artists, about showcase women in all branches of art, about showcase the brilliant local talent, and uplifting others in our community. SWAN Day is an international celebration and we are so happy to be a part of here in Pensacola, Florida. Artists often forget to celebrate themselves and to open our hearts and minds and share what we feel passionate about with each other.

SWAN Day Pensacola 2020

We are currently recruiting artists! We would love to have you. Singers, dancers, poets, actors, directors, painters, sculptors, photographers, and so much more! You name it, we want it!

There is no need to create new work for SWAN Day, although if you feel inspired we encourage it! We also would love to see that one project you are exceptionally proud of!

Check out our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/swandaypensacola

SWAN Day Pensacola 2019 – Photo Gallery